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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Wash off technique, year 10/grade 9

The 'Wash off technique' is fun to do but a bit complicated and you wont know if it works 100% until you complete the final stage.  First, students draw their image onto watercolour paper.  A watercolour wash is then added (in both cases here, yellow). After this, gouache paint is used to fill in the design -however you must not paint right to the lines of the drawing (leave a gap of a few millimeters) fill in the background with white gouache (also staying away from the lines).  Leave to dry and then cover the entire paper with black indian ink.  Leave to dry and wash off in a tray of water using a brush to help aggravate the ink and gouache. 


  1. What a very impressive portfolio! You have such a variety of lovely art activities.

    L. Dela Cruz

  2. I am getting some good ideas to do with the 3/4 year-olds. I'll show you their work some time.